With over 1.3 million visitors annually, Brown County State Park in southcentral Indiana rivals many of the national parks in its popularity and for good reason due to its scenic hills, spectacular fall foliage, and myriad hiking, riding and biking trails.

I live less than a mile away from the park’s north entrance and make use of the park at least 200 times a year to walk, hike, camp, and take in its beautiful vistas.  Today, as part of my 2018 challenge to hike at least 52 hikes, I covered about three miles on a loop that combines Trails 2 and 3.

This hike, starts at the riding stables near the north gate and circumnavigates the Abe Martin Lodge and Cabins.  It has about 300 feet in elevation gain and crosses a number of drainages and streams, making it quite lovely when the water is flowing.

Today’s hike, which I had thought I would be doing in rain, was made even more beautiful and interesting because of unexpected  light snowfall.

The North Lookout is a key feature on Trail 2.  I decided to stop in to overlook the Hoosier Hills and enjoy the interesting architecture of the two-storied structure.



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