I’ve made many different cookies over the years, but I come back to these three family favorites again and again.  They are so good they’re addictive and each recipe has a story that makes it even more special. Like other years before, I’ve used these cookies as the main ingredients on gift trays for friends and co-workers.


Oatmeal Hermits (aka Grandma’s Overturf’s Cookies) — Our friend Barbara passed this recipe to me many years ago. It was passed to her by her grandmother. The secret of their deliciousness is the cooked raisins that pair with the texture and taste of the walnuts for a cookie that will bring you back to the cookie jar again and again. Oatmeal cookies are my favorite and none are better than this.
Recipe —>


snickerdoodle close upSnickerdoodles  — I’d never buy a snickerdoodle in a bakery, but these irresistible cookies are usually the first ones I make each Christmas season. In fact several batches are in the offing all throughout the year.  These are the perfect cookies to make with children as they require a roll in cinnamon sugar before baking. I have many memories of my sons helping with this task.  Now my two year old granddaughter has become my best assistant.

This recipe on notebook paper was passed to me by a co-worker in 1980. If anything every happened to it, I would go into mourning.   Recipe —>


Cardomon Cream Cheese Christmas Cookies — I inherited my mom’s cookie press and its original recipe book decades ago. I’ve since had to replace the press — twice in fact —  but have preserved the book.  I’ve adapted the “Snowflake” recipe by adding the cardamon and the green food coloring. My kids loved making these cookies when they were young and still love eating them — we all do! These are a must for the cookie tray. Recipe—>