Mexican food is often a favorite on the trail.  This one is easy to make that can be eaten without using dishes — so easy clean up too.  It could even be a nice hot lunch, which would be a real treat.

2 cup dehydrated refried pintos
2 cups freeze-dried ground beef  or freeze dried chicken or Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)
2 packets Old El Paso Taco Seasoning
½ cup dehydrated peppers (optional)
3 tablespoons dried onions (available in spice section)

Also carry

16 Pita pockets halves or small flour tortillas
2 packets Taco Bell sauce per serving (16) – pick up a variety of them when you eat  at Taco Bell
One 2-cup package of sharp cheddar cheese
3-4 ounces olive oil
2 whole avocados (optional)

At home instructions

In large bowl, mix beans, protein choice, taco seasoning, dehydrated peppers and onions.

Put into 1 gallon freezer bag or split into 8 individual 1 quart freezer bags.

Store in refrigerator until ready for your trip (in freezer if more than a week before your trip)

Instructions at camp:
Add 4 cups boiling water to gallon bag or ½ cup boiling water to individual bags. Add the olive oil into the big bag (or divide between smaller bags). Let rehydrate for a few minutes until completely softened (use a cozy if available).  Knead the bag to thoroughly mix the ingredients.  Cut avocados in half, remove pit and use knife to dice while still in the skin — or scoop out by spoon fulls. Put mixture into pita pocket or tortilla, add Taco Bell sauce of choice, avacodo and cheese.

Serve 8

Put plastic bag(s) with your other recycle materials to rinse out at home and take to recycle facility.

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