Shepherd’s Pie is one of my family’s favorite meals.  This dehydrated trail version is a great vegetarian adaptation for a backpacking meal that can be prepared in a pot or eaten from individual freezer bags for easy clean-up.

Ingredients for 4 servings:

Mix together:
1 1/4 C   Textured Vegetable Protein*
2 tsp       McCormick’s Grill Mates Seasoning: Montreal Chicken
1 pkg.     McCormick’s Turkey Gravy Seasoning Mix
3 Tbs.     Powdered Milk*
1.pkg      Freeze Dried Corn (or you can dehydrate a can of corn, though it won’t be as plump)
1 Tbs.     Vogue Vegetarian Chicken Soup Base or crushed chicken bouillon cube
Place in one gallon sized plastic bag (if cooking in pot) or divide into four one quart freezer bags.

Separately mix:
1 – 4 oz pkt    Instant Mashed Potatoes
1/3 cup          Powdered cheese*
1/3 cup          Powdered milk
Place in one gallon freezer bag

Carry 2 ounces  olive oil in small Nalgene bottle

Carry one two-cup package of shredded cheddar cheese or four 2-ounce chunks of Cheddar Cheese.  The chunks will be better during hot weather or for longer trips when you don’t eat this meal on the first day or so.

*I get these ingredients from Bloomingfoods our local food co-op. Check your local co-op or follow the links for purchase from Amazon.


At camp you’ll need five cups of boiling water.  Two are added to the potato mixture in the freezer bag, stirred or carefully kneaded and left in the bag to re-hydrate.  Whether you are cooking in the pot or eating freezer bag meals follow this step for the potatoes.

For Pot Cooked meal – add the protein mixture into the pot with the three remaining cups of water, add the olive oil, stir and cover. Rehydrate for 3-5 minutes.  If you have a pot cozy, it will help maintain the heat and hasten the re-hydration time.  Stir again and portion out to four bowls.  Add the two ounces of cheese to each serving (hand shred the cubes as desired) Cut the corner of the potato bag and squeeze into four equal portions on top of each serving. Ready to eat.

For Freezer Bag meal –  Divide three cups of remaining boiling water between the four freezer bags, pour 1 tablespoon olive oil into each bag and stir with spoon.  Give each person cheese to sprinkle or shred into bag. Put in insulated cozy if available.  Let re-hydrate for 3-5 minutes. Follow directions above for potato preparation and squeeze 1/4 of contents into each bag.  Ready to eat.

Back at home, rinse and recycle plastic bags.

You can substitute dehydrated ground turkey or ground beef in this recipe, but would need to cook for a few minutes in a pot to re-hydrate the meat.  It should also be stored in a freezer until ready to hike.

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