A Sunday brunch classic will be really tasty on the trail.  Egg powder and freeze dried fruit make this possible with only a little bit of fuss. Croissants carry well on the trail and so what if they get a little crushed.  They’ll still make great French toast.






1 croissant for each person in the group
1 tablespoon egg powder for each croissant plus one additional tablespoon for every three servings.
1 oz. maple syrup for each serving (in small plastic bottle)
equivalent of 1 pat of butter for each serving (in plastic bag or jar)
Freeze dried mixed berries  (1 bag for every 3 people)
Powder sugar in sandwich bag

Instructions at home:

Put egg powder in sealable gallon sized plastic bag
Pack with all other ingredients

Instructions at camp:

  1. Use canister or white gas stove that has adjustable flame.
  2. Add hot water up to top of fruit package and let sit while you make the French toast.
  3. Add 3 tablespoons water for every 1 tablespoon egg powder to the plastic bag. Swish or stir to thoroughly mix.
  4. Slice or tear croissant to open it up “butterfly-style” so the two halves are still joined on one side.
  5. Add croissant one at a time into egg mixture
  6. Add 1 pat butter into skillet-type pan on medium-low flame
  7. When butter melts add croissant. Cook 1-2 minutes then turn over and cook other side.  Cook until egg mixture is done and no longer wet.
  8. Repeat until all pieces are done.
  9. Serve on individual plates with fruit and syrup. Dust with powdered sugar.

This dish is good served with bacon.  Use the shelf-stable variety available at many grocery stores.

Put plastic bags with other recycling materials to rinse and take to recycling facility at home.

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