I’m a Hoosier, living and working in southern Indiana.  I grew up in New Mexico, but was transplanted to the Midwest in 1972.  I like many parts of our country and have traveled the US extensively  in my life, but I thrive in this hilly, forested area where I can experience the beauty of all four seasons.

My hiking and backpacking has become a passion that I pursue year round. I have plenty of choices nearby in my home in the southern hills of Indiana , but I also venture out frequently with my husband Ed, and with my outdoors club, Central Indiana Wilderness Club to exciting hiking destinations in North America, both near and far.  My favorites include the Canadian Rockies, Glacier National Park, and The Appalachian Trail. I’ve also enjoyed long week-end hikes in the region including Red River Gorge (KY), Kettle Moraine State Park (WI), the Ozark Trail in Missouri, and Manistee River (MI).  I’m constantly researching the next great place.

I have a wonderful life. Ed has been my partner for over 40 years.  We have two beautiful grown children, Jordan and Jules.  Jordan and his wife Rose have given us a beautiful and smart granddaughter Cecilia May “CeCe”  and a sweetest grandson ever, Theodore Wolfe “Theo.” They are both such a joy.  They all live nearby so holidays and special occasions can be spent together. I’m so fortunate to have a great job at Stone Belt Arc supporting people with disabilities that enables me to see people, both clients and staff, reaching toward their full potential. I work hard to maintain a positive outlook on life.  Having a loving family, good friends and amazing co-workers give me such a satisfying social life.

I’m privileged to have the ability to my passions.  For as long as I can remember, these passions have driven me to learn everything I can about them, to find others with shared interests, and to pursue these activities with gusto.   The internet has been such an essential resource for building my knowledge base and I hope what I  contribute with this blog will provide useful information to you. Please leave me your feedback on the comments page.